A crossword puzzle is a game or hobby that consists of completing the gaps of a drawing with letters. To find out which letter must be written in each space, the crossword indicates the meaning of the words to be read vertically and horizontally. The idea, therefore, is that the template of the completed crossword presents a series of words that can be read vertically and horizontally and that cross each other.

To begin completing a crossword puzzle, the person must read the two lists of definitions presented by the pastime: one corresponding to the vertical sense and the other for the horizontal reason. The template or drawing is divided into white cells (where the individual letters have to be written) and black cells (which serve to separate the words).

Thus, when reading a definition and knowing the word, the participant has to enter the crossword, writing a letter in each white box of the corresponding space. This way, little by little, the game will be completed.

There are several variants of the crossword puzzles, such as the syllable crossword (which must be completed with one syllable per square, not a letter), the character crossword (which includes the photograph of a personality to complete its name and surname) or the White crossword (without black cells, as the participant must discover where the spaces are located).

Crosswords are often published in newspapers and magazines, although there are also publications and books dedicated exclusively to this game that first appeared at The New York World in December 1913.

These hobbies are often recommended for those who have a facility for forgetting things since it keeps their mind awake and helps them associate concepts. They are usually published alone in magazines called crosswords or crosswords and also in newspapers and magazines; in some cases, these crosswords are thematic.

There are a lot of people who enjoy puzzles like this. Doing crossword puzzles is an entertaining way to keep your mind busy, which is always a good thing for the human being, and the truth is that the foreword community of crossword puzzles is something famous that can surprise some people. But for those people who enjoy this kind of mental training, we bring a list of apps that allow you to make them from your mobile for free.

It is a relatively small list, but as a topic that does not allow much innovation, most applications are identical, and it is not worth putting six identical applications. That is why we have compiled the most innovative applications at the design level or operating level. Download these apps and enjoy these brain-friendly games.

  • Cody Cross, the best design

If the apps on this list have one thing in common, they don’t have a very worked design, it’s not necessary either, but it’s not necessary to find apps like this that add some freshness to the list. The letters are arranged in boxes on a table that can vary in size in length or height.

  • Words of Wonders, connect the boxes

Just like the previous one, Words of Wonders is an app that comes out of the general rule with a design in which you will have to connect letters to create a word and advance in levels and difficulty.

  • Image crossword, guess the words with images

The name is quite enlightening, but in case it is not clear to you in this app, you will have to solve crosswords that will be supported by images that will give you clues to solve the right word.

  • Crosswords 10, unassuming design

Crosswords 10 is a very simple crossword app that works for that, for doing crosswords. You will start each game with a word already set, and just above the puzzle, you will have a clue that will help you solve the word. Once you have passed the level, it will give you the option to go to the next level or go to the menu.

  • World Land, with beautiful backgrounds

We ended up with World Land is an app with a more careful design than some of this list; it also works better than others. You can also buy tracks with the coins of the game. You should give her a chance and judge for yourself whether she’s good or not.

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