With the possibility of playing Sudoku online, we offer you every day exciting breaks to exercise your mind in office, home, or on the way. If you want to solve these logical puzzles on the way, you can print them or play them on your smartphone or tablet. For this, simply visit the page sudoku.tagesspiegel.de in the browser of your mobile device. Depending on the degree of difficulty, you will need between 5 and 30 minutes to solve our online numerical puzzles. If you play sudoku frequently, you will quickly notice how you solve numerical puzzles faster and faster.

Sudoku Quickly Explained

The Sudoku is a logical puzzle with a fixed basic structure. Except for special variants and variations (such as the little known circular Sudoku or the so-called “Sudoku Samurai”), all numerical puzzles that follow the Sudoku style are built more or less the same way. The board is composed of 9 × nine cells or cells. On the board are already arranged between 2 and 5 figures divided more or less evenly. The more numbers there are in advance, the easier it will be to find the solution. The game aims to complete all empty cells with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each figure appears only once in each column (vertical), each row (horizontal), and each block (3×3 cells).

Print Sudoku. Proceed as Follows

Apart from playing Sudoku online, as an additional service, we offer you the possibility to print the Sudoku. To make this choice for your Sudoku, date, and level from easy to very difficult, and click “Print.” The chosen Sudoku will open in a new window. Right-click anywhere in the window and a dialog box will open where you can choose “Print.” Then follow the instructions.

About Sudoku Puzzles

Before starting to play our Sudoku online, we have researched a little for you about the game. Have you ever wondered where the game came from and who invented it? It all began in 1979, when a man named Howard Garn, aged 74, published a Sudoku in a hobby magazine. At that time, the still anonymous inventor called it “Number place.” In Germany, as in the rest of Europe, “Number place” was not very successful. It arrived in the late 1980s at the other end of the northern hemisphere, in Japan. The Japanese also gave it the name “Su Doku.” Although the bases of the game were not changed, Sudoku became a popular pastime in Europe, and especially in Germany, long after. Its success has remained to this day. However, Howard Garn was unable to live up to the popularity he has gained in Europe. He died of cancer at the age of 84 shortly before his game became a hit and was buried in Indianapolis. The game is currently so popular that there are already many variants of Sudoku. With us, you will find the most popular and, at the same time, the most frequent version: the classic Sudoku.

Sudoku Rules

Sudoku rules are easy. Each game is composed of 9 grids, which in turn are divided into 9 cells. Thus, it adds a total of 81 cells in 9 rows and columns. In some of the cells, there are already figures arranged in advance. The harder the puzzle is, the fewer numbers there will be in advance to help solve it. The remaining cells must be completed with figures between 1 and 9. Each number can appear only once per grid and in each horizontal and vertical row. At first glance, it seems easier than it really is. The following strategies will help you solve your Sudoku more easily.


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